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Did you know?

2% Of Sales

are made during the
1st point of contact

3% Of Sales

are made during the
2nd point of contact

10% Of Sales

are made during the
3rd point of contact

80% Of Sales

are made during the
8th to 10th point of contact

Not everyone has the time to do this
in a given 24 hour day

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We have learnt from experience, that while all businesses can do with more sales, not all sales forces have the resources in terms of man power and time to be able to make upwards of 5000 sales calls per month plus also be able to meet with all of the prospects in any given month.

Ewoudt Labuschagne


Tatum Labuschagne

Operations Director

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We have over 14 years experience in the sales industry and more specifically we have over 14 years outbound telemarketing sales experience.

Years of Experience
In Outgoing Marketing

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A Few Of Our Very Satisfied Clients

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Work Your Wealth

“Work Your Wealth started working with The Call Center in 2020.

They have helped our attendance almost double from day 1 and we have never looked back. 

Their team has always been professional and helpful. They also have a personal relationship with their clients.”

  • Madileen Enslin

Dr Cosma

“I have been using The Call Center since August 2020 to promote my multi-level marketing business. During this time they have proven to be very professional, effective and efficient.

I get weekly reports on all the prospects called and a follow up report for prospects that want to sign up for the business following my presentation.”

  • Dr Cosma


“You can have the best product in the world, but if you can’t sell it, you still have it.

I rely heavily on The Call Center to ensure a constant stream of new business for myself and my clients. Their innovative solutions make it both affordable and highly efficient. I continue to recommend them to all”

  • Mike Said

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