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Our Call Center Services

We offer various options tailored to suit our clients needs. Some of our popular packages that we have got is: (But not limited to)

Campaign Kick-off

            1250 Phone calls

            500 Bulk SMS’s

            1250 Potential clients supplied by us

            Contact us for pricing 

Network Builder

            2750 Phone Calls

            1500 Bulk SMS’s

            2750 Potential clients supplied by us

          Contact us for pricing

Advertising Executive

            5000 Phone calls

            5000 Bulk SMS’s

            5000 Potential clients supplied by us

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Brand awareness builder

Starting from R2500 pm*

*Depending on the size of your clientele

Contact us today and we will give you an obligation free quote for a solution that is tailored to your unique needs

What may you expect from us?

Depending on your package our services include, but is not limited to:

  • A fully trained and dedicated outbound assistant buyer hat will report to our offices Monday – Thursday 07:00 – 16:00 and Friday 07:00 – 13:00
  • Offices for your agent to work from
  • Full time campaign executive and campaign officer to oversee your campaign
  • Monthly reporting and feedback on all the outbound calls
  • Strategic consultation sessions with your campaign manager
  • Recording of all phone calls
  • Bulk SMS services
  • Bulk emailing services
  • Lead generation services
  • Lead allocation services
    • Depending on what package the client is, up to 5000 Potential clients
  • Up to 5000 outbound calls per month
  • Employee payroll services
  • Human resources services such as interviewing of candidates, training and if necessary disciplinary action
  • POPI compliance services
  • Drafting of outbound sales scripts
  • Follow up services of potential clients
  • Assistant buyer quality control
  • Sales funnel development to suit clients’ needs
  • Your assistant buyer will also be supplied with all the necessary equipment, such as
    • Phone lines
    • Internet connection
    • Laptop
    • Stationery
    • Furniture, desk, chairs, etc
    • Utilities such as water, electricity, etc
    • PPE where necessary
    • Sales training

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does POPI affect your campaigns?

    The Call Center is POPI compliant. Along with our legal team we have gone through great lengths in making sure that our outbound sales campaigns are all POPI compliant. In fact with every challenge comes an opportunity to grow. Hence with the enforcement of the POPI Act we were forced to change our campaigns and today we have a much smoother and better sales funnel process. All thanks to the POPI Act. You may view our Privacy Policy on our website.

  • Why are your call center agents
    called Assistant Buyers?

    At The Call Center we firmly believe that every sales transaction should have two winners. Firstly the the buyer needs to “win” and secondly the seller needs to “win”. However at The Call Center we insist that the buyer needs to be the biggest winner of the transaction. It is this motto that has helped us to build our leading sales reputation in the industry.

  • How do you ensure that the
    buyer is the biggest winner
    of your sales transactions?

    At The Call Center we are very selective in terms of who we partner up with. We don’t simply take on any random partners just for the sake of “filling seats”. Before we choose to partner up with some we first ask ourselves who is the biggest winner as in the question above. For instance, as sellers we will “enjoy” the benefits of the sale for perhaps a week or a month after the deal is closed(in the form of commissions), however if what we are selling is a high quality product or service, then the buyer will enjoy the benefits of the product or service for months or years or perhaps even a lifetime after the transaction is done. Thus who is the biggest winner? For us, we insist that whatever we are selling has to benefit the buyer for a longer period than it will benefit the seller. Integrity is non-negotiable at The Call Center.

  • How does your sales funnel work?

    We have developed our sales funnel painstakingly over 16 years. We cannot divulge all of that knowledge in a short answer. In short what we do is we “break up” the sales process into 8-12 “points of contact” with the prospect. Each “point of contact” is a miniature sale that is made to ultimately move the prospect along the sales funnel.

  • Does the sales funnel work
    for everyone?

    Yes and no. The principal/concept of the sales funnel and concluding “miniature” sales along the way works for everyone. But our sales funnels are tailored to suit each of our clients unique needs. Every business is unique therefore your sales strategy should also be.

  • I have unique needs and a
    unique campaign in mind,
    will The Call Center be suitable
    for me?

    The Call Center is a unique business in and of itself, if we can apply our unique business model to ourselves and thrive in these times, then we strongly believe that our business model will add value to any other business out there, regardless of how unique their nature might be. As long as we can understand your business then we can build the process. Send us an email today and let’s setup a no obligation 30 minute consultation and let’s see how we can work together moving forward. Send an email today to:

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