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About the Call Center

We have over 14 years’ experience in the sales industry and more specifically we have over 14 years outbound telemarketing sales experience.

We have learnt from experience, that while all businesses can do with more sales, not all sales forces have the resources in terms of manpower and time to be able to make upwards of 5000 sales calls per month plus also be able to meet with all the prospects in any given month.

  • If you had 5000 people to call, then when would you call them?

(What would your cellphone bill look like if you had to phone all of them?

  • If you called all 5000, then when would you meet with all of them?
  • If you met with all of them, when would you follow up with all of them?
  • If you followed up with all of them, when would you close and finalize the transaction?

But hang on, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Do you even have a list of 5000 potential clients to speak to, relevant to your industry?

Let’s not forget also theres only 24 hours in any given day

This is an impossible task.

Which is why we have set up The Call Center, your sales and marketing experts.

We provide a turnkey solution to help your sales force close more deals.

Our sales professionals can do everything from cold calling, lead generation, prospecting, follow ups and closing.

Our business started with us exclusively specializing in the Network Marketing/Seminar industry, where we were responsible for filling up our clients’ events.

However now our business has grown so rapidly and today we even have clients in the medical industry that make use of our services to do “re-calling”

For example, let’s look at the dental industry we may phone your existing patients and remind them of their 6 monthly check-ups. We also do “re-calling” for the veterinarian industry to remind patients to bring their pets in to be dewormed, only to name a few

If you have the right approach, we have found that our services can be applied to any industry and that is where our specialist campaign managers come in.

Company Heads

Ewoudt Labuschagne


Tatum Labuschagne

Operational Director

Ewoudt Labuschagne

My sales career started way back in 2006, I was selling biometric fingerprint readers door to door. I distinctly remember my boss giving me a telephone book and instructing me to “cold call” prospects and to sell them on their biometric readers. Well I’ve since then grown a lot and have not only mastered the art of cold calling but I have also mastered the art of prospecting also.

I learnt the art of prospecting by working in my father’s own business for many years. My father does seminars all over the world and I was responsible for promoting and filling up his seminars.

With my extensive sales background I decided to start my own sales and marketing business, The Call Center, where we specialize specifically in Tele-sales. We will not only sell your products over the phone, but we will also help you find the prospects to sell to in the first place!

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Tatum Labuschagne

I am a qualified accountant; I got my degree in Bcom Accounting many years ago. While I enjoy “crunching the numbers” so to speak, I also have a passion for Entrepreneurship. Which is why, along with my husband we decided to start The Call Center.

For me I believe that if the numbers make sense, then the sales will roll in also.

At The Call Center we will not only develop your sales funnel for you, but we will ensure that we leverage the best out of your sales campaign with the help of our expert outbound assistant buyers.

At The Call Center you will get the best from the sales world and the accounting world to make sure that your bottom line makes sense.

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